If you’re a small business owner, print marketing is one of the best ways to bring in new customers. Even if your company’s goal is to maximise its digital presence, print marketing can help give it a boost. Read on to discover 5 different types of print marketing and the ways in which they can help increase your brand awareness.


Adding a professional letterhead to any outgoing communication is a very cost-effective way to show customers that your company values their business. This could be in the form of a simple, high-quality envelope printing or a design on a letter or leaflet that you send out to customers.


Stickers are some of the most underutilised marketing materials, but they’re actually great to give away at events or alongside receipts to customers. Whether customers put them on their cars, laptops or clothes, they immediately become brand ambassadors for you.


A quarterly or monthly newsletter is an excellent way to keep your customers up-to-date with all your latest services and products. While many companies send out digital newsletters, a physical newsletter definitely makes the world of difference – for one, it’s not lost in all the email correspondence a person gets.

Bulk posters

Bulk posters can be a great way to grow your business if you’re on a tight and limited budget. Bulk posters are a very classic form of advertising and haven’t lost their touch. Not only can you announce events, but you can also get across a lot of information to your customers in a limited space.

If you’d like to know more about the ways in which bulk posters can boost your business, check out this blog post: https://printuk.com/blog/7-reasons-you-should-be-using-posters-to-advertise-your-business/

Business cards

Business cards are essential for both your business and personal brand. Given out at meetings, events as well as during your employees’ personal lives, your staff quickly become loyal ambassadors for your company with business cards, making them a valuable investment.

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