According to a recent Lucrazon infographic (, handing out business cards will increase your sales performance figures by 2.5% for every 2,000 cards you distribute. In order to maintain and increase these figures, it is important that your business cards feature a high quality printing design that captivates the interest of your potential clients and encourages them to investigate your company’s products and services in greater detail. Unfortunately, many businesses do not pay close enough attention to the printing design of their business cards and, in doing so, fail to secure the loyalty and future custom of potential clients. To ensure that you do not fall victim to these mistakes, listed below are three of the most common business card printing errors and the ways in which you can avoid committing them.
1. Neglecting to include important contact information
In today’s technologically advanced society it is important that your business card includes as much contact information as possible. Rather than simply including your company’s phone numbers and direct mail address, you should also include your company email address as well as any social media profiles which your company may operate. As we discuss in a separate Print UK blog post: (Business Card Tips for Start-Ups), “Social media info allows people to find out more about the company and keep in touch on a more informal basis”. Consequently, by including all this information, you can equip your prospective clients with the opportunity to contact your business in the online or offline manner of their choosing.
2. Using oversized cards
Many businesses will opt for larger business cards under the assumption that they will be more likely to capture the interest of potential clients. Unfortunately, due to the fact that these oversized business cards may not fit in traditional card holders, purses or wallets, you risk them being thrown away simply due to their size! For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you invest in standard sized 55mm x 85mm Business Card to avoid any costly over-sizing errors.
3. Minuscule print
In an effort to include more information on their business cards, many companies will reduce the font size of their text. However, this common printing mistake can do more harm than good due to the fact that your prospective clients will have trouble reading your business cards. If you cannot clearly read your business card at a glance without squinting or putting on reading glasses, you will need to increase the font size of your text. As a rule, you should always use a font size that is greater than nine point.
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