Business cards may be considered old fashioned, but they are still an essential tool for most workers. They are still the easiest way to get your details out there when networking, meeting people or at events. But they can also be useful for a few other things.
Business Cards can help you Win stuff
Most trade shows have endless stands full of brochures, leaflets and other printed material because of it’s effectiveness in capturing the attention of potential customers, and many of them invite attendees to drop their business card into a bowl for a chance to win a new smartphone, notebook, PC, free subscription to their service or Amazon voucher. Whatever the offer, its a small price to pay, and if you attend plenty of events, the prizes can soon mount up.
Vital ad hoc notes
There’s always that time at any event when you meet someone, laden down with bags, and you or they need to make a quick note. Your smartphone is in a pocket out of reach, but that odd business card is always to hand to help you note down a name, location or the time of a meeting. Especially is you use your creative mind to all the business card to be used as a note-card on the reverse.
An aide-memoire for all
Another constant issue is meeting new people in a busy or high pressure situation. You talk to them for a few seconds and by the time they come around again, you’ve forgotten their name. A quick peek at a business card is the fastest solution. This affects other people too, so giving them your business card helps avoid those embarrassing moments and helps solidify that personal connection. Checkout one of our previous blog articles: Why Business Cards still matter
Printed Business Cards overcome that dead phone battery hell
Putting a QR code to your LinkedIn account or other details on your business card is a surefire way to help you connect with others – especially when their or your smartphone just died. That little piece of card can save face for times when technology can’t help you. It might just even help you find the love of your life: (
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