The Importance of Print Marketing in 2022

It would seem, with the abundance of internet ads that storm social media nowadays, that digital marketing is the most popular form of marketing. However, according to a survey by Business 2 Community, 56% of customers consider traditional marketing, including printed content, to be more trustworthy than digital marketing. In fact, 79% of households say they read or scan direct mail ads.

Based on this research, advertising that uses mediums such as flyers, pamphlets, and other printed media can be a reliable way of marketing your brand. Printed products can have a powerful effect on your sales. If you’re wondering what strategies you can apply for your small business or start-up, read on for the latest print marketing tips:

Make it personal

One of the most effective ways to create customer engagement is by including a personalised touch in your marketing campaign. For example, if your website has data about your customers, using VDP (Variable Data Printing) allows for customisable printing of leaflets. When printing leaflets include voucher codes, along with the name of the customer, and a personalised discount.

Hybrid – Integrate Digital and Print

If you don’t want to overlook the numerous benefits of digital marketing, consider converging traditional and digital marketing. Many customers will want to interact with your brand – by visiting your website or reading reviews, for example. To combine print and digital marketing, you can include QR codes and a call-to-action, as well as links to your social media profiles on your print marketing materials.

Print Finishing Options

Print marketing is engaging due to its physical presence as it encourages client interaction with the material, appealing to visual and tactile senses. This helps build a lasting relationship with the client, as well as increase loyalty and sales. Therefore, one of the ways to make printing materials more appealing is to incorporate one of the finishing touches below:

• Spot UV
• Foiling
• Embossing
• Debossing
• Laminating

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