According to recent surveys, readers spend an average of 20 minutes a day reading print media. This is a significant amount of time compared to how long readers spend on a web page, which is an average of 10-20 seconds. For the full article check out “The Human Attention Span” On Wyzowl.

If you are interested in creating print media for your business, you may wish to browse unconventional printing ideas which go beyond the conventional brochures and business cards. These allow your brand to stand out amongst competitors. Below is a list of print marketing ideas you may not have tried before…


Posters allow for maximum use of space and creativity and can be very cost-effective, too. They’re perfect for a catchy, flashy call-to-action and a captivating design that will grab the attention of passers-by. Posters can be placed in public locations or used in-store to advertise ongoing promotions or upcoming events.


Postcards can be an unconventional but practical way to connect with customers. Sending postcards is cheaper than letters as it saves the cost of purchasing an envelope and are cheap to produce, especially when printing in bulk. In postcards, you can include information about your company, such as new promotions or business developments such as the opening of a new location.

Calendars and notepads

A great way to advertise your brand is by incorporating your logo in products that clients find useful. Including your logo in promotional products will ensure people engage with your brand without even realising it. For example, you could explore calendar printing or high quality notepad printing that feature your company name, contact info and website.


Another way to stand out from competitors is by printing stickers with your company logo and design on them. If they’re visually appealing, customers will want to display them on their car, laptop, or in public places. This, of course, will improve brand visibility by drawing attention to your company’s name and logo.

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