With a general election announced for the 12th December 2019 it’s vital that local communities are informed as much as possible. The UK strives for the highest amount of voter participation as possible using print we can educate and hopefully inspire more people to vote. Voting impinges on the emotions of the public and your printed marketing material must tap into the emotions of your voters in order to stand out over the other competition. Through careful design and high quality print you are able to achieve this.

Below we have outlined some of the essential print items required for a successful campaign.

Leaflets and Flyers

High quality leaflets and flyers are an effective way to distribute your message to a high volume of people over a short space of time. Acting fast and distributing your message quickly will make you more likely to gain votes and trust through your community. With our quick turnaround times and high quality leaflet printing we can achieve this for you.

When it comes to the design of your campaign leaflet think carefully about the information and images you want to use. It is essential that you bullet points the main areas of your parties manifesto and don’t try to cram too much information onto the leaflet. A cluttered leaflet will immediately put people off even bothering to read it. Use your party’s colours, logo and tag line for an effective leaflet campaign.


Showcase your candidates photograph and tag line with some high quality posters. Posters are effective as they can be distributed outside and inside, whether it be lamp posts to shop windows. Remember if your constituents don’t recognise you and don’t know your ideas and visions they are far less likely to vote for you. Become noticed and see yourself receive a higher volume of votes. Like with leaflet printing, ensure the party’s branding is clear along with action points and avoid the clutter.


“I’ve Voted” stickers are a great way to show commitment to voting. Gifting people a free sticker after they have voted may also encourage the number of people to vote. Stickers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used along the election campaign as well as after the voting day. Stickers can be worn on the outside of jackets and show people your commitment to a party or cause. Stickers may also be used as an incentive to encourage voting and support for a political party.


Signs are incredibly important as they help build name recognition for candidates. Political scientist Mel Kahn states “Supposedly, each sign represents 6-10 votes for the candidate”. Signs can come in a variety of different sizes and finishes depending on where you are going to place them. Printed signs, like posters are a great way of promoting the party and increasing voter recognition of the political party and the local representative.

It would be very difficult to run an effective election campaign without the right printed marketing materials. For all election print materials contact the team PrintUK.com for quick turnaround times at the highest quality.