In the modern age, businesses are kept at arms’ length from their customers and clients by being confined to the digital world, which is why press and corporate events are so important to connect with those people who matter.
As an event of any size is an investment of time and money, you want to ensure your guestlist doesn’t disappoint, and to guarantee you’re hosting the key influencers in your industry at numbers you’ll be proud to see. The first step towards securing your ideal turnout is to invest in high quality invitation printing that you can personalise and design online. In doing so, ensure you cover the following:
Include your social media accounts
Even though you’re contacting your people of interest via print media, it doesn’t mean you can’t also promote yourself in the digital channels. By including your social accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, you highlight how you’re in touch with your market base and that you’re available 24/7 to your customers. As a slightly ulterior motive, if you send out hundreds of invitations, you’re likely to see an organic spike in your online followers, which is good for your future prospects and SEO (search engine optimisation). If you look in the corporate world, you’ll see all companies reaching out via their social channels, from high street fashion retailers to television broadcasters. In terms of attendance at the event, it helps people to decide by knowing that you’re available and current. Printers will mention this and its import to remember: ensure that you integrate your business printing with your other advertising channels to create a holistic integrated marketing approach.
Opt for the best quality materials
Your printed invitation says a lot about your company and the brand image you’re cultivating. Checkout this great article from Business Invitation Letter: Quick Guide and Effective Tips. Along with your friendly language on the invite, it can go a long way towards impressing your guests and securing their attendance. A stunning printed invitation on thick card with high quality graphic design and a colour scheme reflective of your brand lets people know you’ve got every detail covered and that it’s going to be a night to remember. If you’re unsure how to best promote yourself in your invitations, speak to one of our experts who can take your core message into consideration.
Include a call to action or offer
To add an element of exclusivity, add an appealing offer to your guest list, whereby the first 50 RSVPs get a special prize on arrival – perhaps a cocktail of choice or a sample of your product they could recommend to others. This small gesture will go a long way towards getting people to act right away. If they see a minimum attendance number, they’ll be more likely to attend, as it highlights it will be an ‘in demand’ occasion.
Investing time and effort into your printed invitations will make a difference to your business. : How Printed Invitations Can Transform Your Business
Plan and print your invitations today
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