The internet is a noisy place, bombarding the eyes and ears with data and images. But there is a way to cut through the digital noise by developing engagement offline through the direct medium of print. Here are four tips for combining social media and printing to communicate directly and effectively with your customers offline and on.
1. Use follow buttons offline
We’re beginning to see follow buttons everywhere offline, as companies get wise to cross media marketing. Include your social media information and website URLs in all your print media from business cards to printed folded leaflets, even on the side of your vans and lorries. Print offers a unique opportunity to engage your offline users online as well.
2. Use your social feedback
A quick way to build trust in any multi-platform campaign is to let your customers see what social media are saying about your company. Use quotes from Twitter, Facebook and online customer reviews and testimonials for a smart, fast and compelling way to build an engaging campaign. Then publish those quotes and reviews within your folded leaflet printing and your other print media to highlight your social media presence and boost your trust level.
3. Get interactive
Want to get your offline users engaging with you online, too? Then develop QR codes and use shortened and memorable URLs to make your leaflet printing more instantly interactive. QR codes are a quick and easy way to take smartphone users directly to your online presence without any interference from other websites. Integrate personalised URLs (PURLs) with your QR codes and you can see response rates double. Remember, the future of marketing is personalised and relevant communication and PURLs are a move towards that connected future so ensure that you integrate this technology within your folded leaflet design.
4. Track online to target offline
What posts are getting the most likes on Facebook? Which tweets are getting the biggest number of retweets and responses? What are your customers searching for on your website? By taking notice of the information your users are interested in online, you can be more targeted in your offline leaflet print campaigns.
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