The digital age is amazing, and the potential it provides for businesses of all shapes and sizes is almost limitless. Unsurprisingly, digital marketing receives a lot of attention, but remember it’s important to have a marketing mix and use different methods together for maximum effect. In fact, despite technological advances, old school tactics still work really well in marketing and there’s many ways you can get back to basics for effective and affordable marketing.
1. Get on the phone / meet the customer
Maintaining customer relationships is vital if you want clients to have trust and respect in your business. Keeping in touch via email is good, but using phone calls as well adds a personal touch and doesn’t get lost in the chaos of a busy inbox. You may also find that new and potential customers would prefer to meet their first point of contact other than the phone or online, so be sure that you have business cards to hand, with clear and up to date contact information.
2. Flyers and leaflets
Handing out leaflets and flyers is an affordable way to make direct contact with potential customers while getting your business information right into their hands. Posting physical marketing material is also a tried and tested method that still works today and can create revenue. These are particularly useful for start up or small businesses; people who don’t know about you yet may not stumble across your website, but receiving a flyer or leaflet invites them to discover you.
3. Send cards
Appointment cards, thank you cards and greetings cards are all ways to get into the minds of your customers, while also building a positive reputation for your business. A personal touch can go a long way to establishing trust and these gestures will be greatly appreciated. Plus, as cards are often kept in the home for a while, it keeps you in direct view of your customers for longer.
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While digital marketing is necessary, don’t forget about these strategic and creative methods that have continued to work for years and years. If you need high-quality leaflet printing or want to discuss any marketing project then contact today.