It’s no secret that many people consider the digital world to be the future of marketing, and that physical printing and traditional marketing methods are obsolete. However, this isn’t completely true. There are many ways in which you can incorporate printed marketing, such as leaflets and posters, into your online presence and across social media. Here are just a few of the best social media platforms you can use to interact with your print campaign:


Instagram is one of the best social media for your business to be marketing on right now. It’s current, is used by a billion users every month, and is centred around the visual.

You can take pictures of your posters and leaflets before you hand them out, encouraging people to engage with you through a hashtag. Placing your printed marketing such as poster printing against landmark backdrops or else posing with them in a quirky or visually intriguing way is way more effective than a screenshot alone.


If you have the resources and time to do so, starting a YouTube channel that involves your printed marketing campaign in some way could be a great chance at transforming viewers into customers – especially when you consider that close to 2 billion people each month use YouTube. Use your printed posters and leaflets to signpost to product videos and reviews on your YouTube channel, or create video teaser campaigns for your street-level marketing.


With 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is a veteran among social media. What’s great about Twitter is that it’s also a versatile platform for how you can share pictures and videos of your physical printing. You can post pictures in the same way as on Instagram, post short videos, and also make use of hashtags in a far greater capacity.

One of the great things about Twitter too is that you can create polls. So before you print out a large run of your posters or flyers, do a tester and post it online. You can gauge people’s opinions on it, gather feedback, and tweak accordingly. A large bonus of this is that potential customers love feeling involved with a business and are more likely to use your products. Win-win!

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