Start-ups and fledgeling companies looking to grow their brand sometimes try unlikely avenues, and some of the more hip, fun start-ups are going retro and publishing their very own print magazine and brochures. At Brandweek this year, the chief brand officer at Away said that her luggage company started publishing Here magazine after they noticed people calling their customer service line in search of travel advice.
Broadening horizons
In this example, the worst-case scenario would be that the magazine becomes a cool travel blog, but it has the potential to grow into a stand-alone media division that generates profit for the company. The print magazine would become a “start-up within a start-up”, with its own in-house editorial staff who curate the publication’s content. The magazine now goes with every piece of luggage purchased, and it’s performing brilliantly for the brand.
Connecting with the audience
By using the sold luggage as a distribution platform, they know that anyone who gets the magazine has a certain amount of income, is preparing to travel, and is already a customer of the business. This kind of connection to the customer base makes the magazine an appealing prospect to advertisers and partners. Every issue of the magazine has a subtle reference to Away and some advertising towards the end, but it otherwise reads like a classy publication with superb design, beautiful images and fresh, engaging content from all over the world.
This is just one example among a handful of others where new companies have launched print magazines and brochures to help develop their brands. Brochure printing by companies generally has the aim of their brands to challenge the status quo to establish brand identity quickly and effectively. Modern consumers love to consume content, and a successful brand magazine can be a great way to bring in advertising revenue and win subscribers to mailing lists, opening doors to new promotional campaigns.
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