Business cards: the tiny but crucial networking tool that just refuses to die. No matter how many of our connections are made and developed online, and no matter how much we hear about the digital workplace, a good business card remains an essential part of any smart operator’s arsenal. When done right, it is a brilliantly simple, charmingly personal way to stay in an important contact’s mind.
But how do you make sure your card stands out from the rest? Consider the three key characteristics of every good business card:
• Colour
Before anybody begins reading the information written on your business card, they will first be hit with the visual. Given it is a small space, and so complicated images are a no-no, the main impact will be delivered via colour. While a garish and bold clash of colours might make people take notice of your business card, it may also give them an image of you as an unprofessional contact. Try to make your colour choices consistent with other material from the company you represent and ensure it is right for the field you work in.
• Readability
It is amazing how many business people hand out cards written in a font so tiny that the recipient must strain their eyes to read it. How memorable do you think your card will be if the people you give it to can’t even make out the information on it? Be sure that all text is written in, at least, an 8 pt size and stands out boldly against your background.
• Only the important info
There is an art to deciding what information should go on your business card. While you might think this is your chance to list everything that makes you a good person to connect with alongside a snazzy, catchy little tag-line, in truth, you should limit it to only the most important data. Generally speaking, this will mean your name, what you do and your contact details. If you want to add an interactive element, a QR code linking to more detailed information can be a nice final touch.
If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next business card design checkout these photos and articles for some creative genius ideas:
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