Flyers, brochures and posters are all simple, affordable and effective ways to get the name of your small or medium sized business out there. If you can only afford to use one of these items, however, you might be wondering which is best suited to your needs.
Here we break down the main benefits of flyers, brochures and posters and what sorts of campaigns they are best suited to.
• Flyers
Flyer or leaflet printing and distribution are one of the oldest and most powerful tools in small region marketing. If you want to reach a large group of people in a relatively localised area i.e. London Oxford street is ideal for promoting your clothes shop and when it comes to flyers then there are few better ways to do it. A great video to have a look at is: How to use a Flyer for Marketing your small Business Or if you’re looking to make a big impact checkout our other blog post: 5 Ways to make your flyers stand out from the rest.
Ultimately Flyers are great for getting across a small amount of information to a specific target customer in a short space of time.
Best uses:
– Announcing the launch of a new shop, product or service
– Announcing the beginning of a sale or discount
– Promoting a local event, such as a gig, club night or jumble sale
• Brochures
Brochures design and printing require that bit more effort from your business, as you will need to come up with enough content related to your company to fill it. While flyers are handed out under the assumption some might be thrown away, brochures should be used more selectively, and are therefore best for targeting an audience already interested in your product or service.
Best uses:
– Offered in your showroom to those browsing your wares
– Sent via post or given in person as a follow up to an initial sales meeting
– Making up part of a larger direct mail package
Poster printing is great if you are looking for a low cost advertising campaign with a large reach and a long shelf life. Without the man-hours and legwork involved in flyering, you can get all the information regarding your company across to a very wide audience in a quick space of time with a few well-placed posters.
Checkout this link for lessons on how to market your poster:
Best uses
– As part of a long running campaign – a seasonal sale, a major new product, and so on
– Advertising a large scale event – a concert, a festival, a rally, or similar
– To spread an important message to the general public
A really good article to look at is: 7 Reasons to Consider Print for your ‘Non Traditional’ Content Strategy
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