Whether you are a small business on the high street, a large employer or a member of the hospitality industry, there is to time when communication with staff and customers has been so important. This is where a high quality printed roller banners come into their own.

Communicate key information

Before, or upon, entering a premises our customers and visitors want to know what procedures they will need to follow. A large format roller banner offers a great space to detail your own protocol as well as that of the government. It can be placed outside your business-front or inside the door and with widths from 800mm it will not take up too much space. Within the workplace, they can be strategically placed with staff information and they are portable so they can be easily moved around.

Entice customers into your outlet

Custom roller banner printing is the perfect marketing tool to shout about your merchandise and product offering. With high quality graphics printed onto a roller banner, you can showcase your most popular or unique products to make an eye-catching display as customers pass your business. You can also use high impact graphics to guide your customers around your premises, encouraging them to explore and discover all you have to offer. If you are in the hospitality or leisure sector, then this is the ideal opportunity to tempt passers-by with mouth-watering food and drink images; or stunning images of luxury facilities.

Keep everyone safe with a roll-up sneeze guard

It’s just like a roller banner but printed onto vinyl and at two metres high is just perfect for creating an attractive physical barrier. The vinyl can be left clear if you wish to keep lines of vision uninterrupted; but why not print it with a subtle pattern or message to make people smile; so it is that bit more inviting. This is a great cost-effective solution to keeping everyone safe and is so easy to move around as needed.

Here at PrintUK.com, we pride ourselves on our high quality printed graphics and believe in the marketing opportunities our roller banners offer. Please do get in touch today for more details or visit our website to order online.