Direct mail isn’t some obscure marketing strategy from the past. It’s still alive and well today. What’s more, there’s actually evidence that it might be even better than conventional digital advertising. According to research by Postalytics, direct mail response rates are 4.4 per cent, far higher than email response rates of 0.12 per cent.

In this post, we take a look at some of the more specific reasons why flyer printing and sending out leaflets could be one of the best things you ever do for your small business. Read on to learn more.

There’s less competition

Imagine if users received the same amount of direct mail as email. They would be inundated with bits of paper, making it challenging for advertisers to grab their attention.

Of course, with direct mail, there’s much less competition. You’re not competing against the hundreds of other promotional emails that the average user receives every week. Usually, you’re going up against half a dozen other businesses at most.

It’s more trusted

Customers do not generally trust online advertisements. They typically prefer to deal with businesses that have physical addresses or that don’t have to pay to get views online.

With direct mail, though, the psychology is different. Most companies that target customers through this channel include their address and business information on the flyer. This, in turn, automatically builds rapport and helps to avoid some of the trust issues that occur when you advertise exclusively online.

It has tactile value

Consumers actually like picking up and holding a real piece of print material in their hands. The tactile sensation is pleasant for them.

What’s more, when you use print services, you can make your flyers and leaflets considerably more visually appealing than anything you could generate on-screen. While display technology is improving, most still can’t capture the visual fidelity of print.

It offers good targeting

Lastly, direct mail offers businesses exceptional targeting. You’re able to narrow down your audience based on a range of factors, including average household net worth, household income, number of children, years of education and so on. In short, you can direct your physical marketing with a similar level of precision as its digital twin.

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