In the realm of print, colour can have a significant impact on how people react to your advertising material. Certain colours evoke specific emotions, and it’s important to keep this emotional link in mind when utilising colour in print. So, read on to learn about some of the psychology behind your colour choices in print design.

How do people respond to the colour red?

The colour red is linked to an increase in heart rate and is frequently connected with a variety of emotions such as risk, excitement, energy, and hostility. Although this colour covers a wide range of spectrums, it may easily overpower a page or poster, so use caution when applying it. As it attracts human attention, red is a great colour for promoting special deals or bargains.

How do people respond to the colour blue?

Blue is one of the most prominent brand colours, especially in print. Nivea, Facebook and HP are just a few of the most well-known businesses that employ blue in their marketing materials. Blue is a soothing colour that is frequently associated with the skies and the ocean. It also conveys a sense of security and safety, and it is widely used in the financial and business sectors, as well as the technological sector.

How do people respond to the colour green?

The colour green is generally associated with prosperity and is seen to be a healthy and fresh colour. It’s also a colour that’s simple for the human eye to comprehend, and it’s a soothing colour to look at. Green is prominently used in the healthcare sector, especially in pharmacies.

How do people respond to the colour white?

Probably one of the most common colours in print, white goes well with practically every colour. However, lighter shades of orange and yellow should be avoided when utilising white as this will make any text hard to read. While we typically associate white with fashion brands and the health sector, it has also gained popularity in the car and technology industries.

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