Starting a small business is both an exciting and terrifying experience. To ensure your small business is successful, we have listed 5 essential marketing products every small business owner should have:

1. A logo

Creating and finalising your logo is important before you open your business. It should represent your business’s values and identity in an eye-catching way so that potential customers remember you.

2. Business cards

Getting high-quality business cards printed is one of the most effective ways to market yourself as they’re easy to give out to passersby and engage with potential customers.

Just make sure you take them with you to any networking events and that you’ve really considered the design – people are more likely to remember your business and think of you if your business card is attractive. Just like your logo, it’s another chance to stand out and present who you are.

3. Brochures/leaflets

A brochure or leaflet is another excellent way to market your business using printed products as again they can be easily passed out. Plus, because they’re bigger than business cards, you can include more information on them, letting potential customers know exactly what your business does and how you can help them.

With this type of printing, a high-quality leaflet and a well-organised but attractive design will demonstrate your professionalism while also catching people’s eye.

4. Stickers

Why not tap into your fun side and show off your personality with custom stickers? You can use them on your packaging or bags but they’re also really easy to hand out, and people wearing them will be walking advertisements for your business!

5. Business letterheads

You’ll like need to send letters from time to time, and business letterheads will allow you to present yourself as professional and accessible, as well as giving your clients or customers all the information they need to get in touch with you. Just make sure they match your brand colours and don’t forget to include your logo on them too. Letterhead printing

Luckily, offers printing services for all of these materials. From business cards to leaflets, we offer the high-quality printing you need to make your mark. Browse our website today.