Flyers are an incredibly effective and cost-efficient way of marketing almost any business, particularly on the local level. They can be distributed easily in any location and are affordable to print, meaning that you can use them to achieve your marketing goals even if you’re on a tight budget. What’s more, because they are a form of a printed advert, people can see them at any time, which means that potential customers actually have a higher chance of encountering them more so than television, online or radio adverts. The small business website Chron notes that “unlike television or radio where advertising time is scheduled, prospects have potential exposure to print ads at any time”.
Flyer printing is available in a huge variety of different sizes, ranging from tiny A7 options to spectacular poster-sized ones, typically most people opt for the classic A5 flyer printing. Choosing the right size flyer for your campaign can be tricky, however. We believe that there are three questions you should ask yourself in order to reach a wise decision.
1. “How will the flyers be distributed?”
Your distribution method is probably the most important factor to consider when deciding on the size of your flyers. If you intend to have your flyers handed out to passers-by on the street, they will need to be easy to carry. Passers-by are unlikely to accept flyers that are too unwieldy to carry around, so it’s best to choose a small size, such as A7, A6 or A5. However, if you intend to put up your flyers on public walls like posters, you should make sure they are large enough to be attention-grabbing. In this case, we recommend opting for A4 or larger.
2. “How much information do I need to put on my flyers?”
The more information you want to provide on your flyers, the larger they will have to be. If you need to use a smaller size because of your preferred distribution method, go for A5-size flyers and try to cut any superfluous information you can cut from your design. However, if you intend to put them up like posters, you can simply opt for whatever size you need.
3. “How do I want to distribute my marketing budget?”
While all flyers are affordable, larger ones do tend to cost more than smaller ones. Sometimes, it’s better to choose a smaller option so you can afford more flyers and bolster your marketing campaign. This is often the case if you need to cover a wide area with your printed marketing campaign. Conversely, if you’re planning on marketing in a fairly small, local area, it may be better to use your money to buy a few large flyers. Their size will help them attract more attention than a greater number of small flyers would.
Whether you choose to opt for large flyers or small ones, we can provide them. Here at, we offer high-quality flyer design and flyer printing on a wide range of flyers and leaflets. Visit our range at