Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that small is acceptable when it comes to getting a big message across. If you’ve ever walked into the offices of a successful modern start-up or a global enterprise, you’ll realise the impression that going large with your messaging, branding or marketing can make.
Whether it’s showcasing company products, events, marketing messages or initiatives, corporate messaging is often hung from the rafters as banners, or fixed to the walls as huge posters, making them unmissable and helping to drive and promote the company’s image. So, if you think you can get away with a quick email or the odd A4 flyer for internal or external use when it comes to your company’s next big thing, think again.
Business posters can also help promote your brand or products at networking and marketing events to drive business. Our range of posters are highly affordable, so even small businesses and start-ups can project a powerful image when it comes to getting their name out there.
Larger posters stick in people’s minds more easily. They can be placed in more locations and still be noticed, and can get potential customers to stop and pay closer attention, which can bring them near to your actual products or solution, whatever their actual size.
We offer a large range of sizes from A3 poster printing up to A0 (84 x 119 cm) including B2 (500 x 693mm) and B1 (100 x 70 cm) size, in a range of weights and finishes, including gloss, matt and silk, to provide just the right impact. Using bright text against a white background can spell out what the company is doing, where it is going and how workers are driving it there. Bold images of the products and people that help that company succeed can all help a business when it comes to presenting an image, proving that bigger is definitely better. We’ve used the Apple poster design as our featured image because we find that with its simplicity and contrasting colour palette coupled with the strong words ‘Think Different’ that it is particularly impactful. It’s a great of example of how to succinctly and effectively show off your corporate initiative.
The big canvas also gives your designers room to work, preventing the cramped results that many smaller brochures or flyers result in. But it all depends on what you are trying to achieve out of your marketing campaign, checkout one of our previous blog posts to help you decide which printed product you should be pursuing: What’s the best way to market my SME? Flyers, Brochures or Posters?
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