Brochure marketing remains a great way for businesses to get word of their products and services out to potential clients and customers, yet many have begun to ignore their benefits. People assume that digital marketing has made brochures obsolete, but the best companies know that combining both mediums is the key to optimizing success. Take the time to craft an eye-catching brochure, then watch your business grow.
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Invest in colour
Opting for a full colour brochure is definitely a must for effective marketing. Colours printed on paper by a reliable online printing company will possess a vibrancy that just can’t be matched by a computer – a full colour brochure literally makes your business stand out from the crowd. You can also get a little bit more creative. Try using different themes depending on the season, or design something out of the ordinary that catches people’s attention.
Demonstrate technical savvy
Nobody is going to deny that digital platforms are important, so get the best of both worlds by including QR codes to integrate your web presence with a physical brochure. QR codes can be scanned with a client’s smartphone to bring them to your business’s landing page or any other web page you choose. QR codes can be quickly and simply created using online generators and take up very little space, so you have nothing to lose by using one. In fact, why not simply register at where you can quickly and simply generate your own QR codes.
Go die cut
Shape your brochure to suit your message. Die cuts provide a vast array of shaping options, so you can give your brochure a distinct design. This can be something fairly simple, such as rounding off the edges, or something more innovative.
Use coupons
Coupons provide a call to action that helps to turn interest in your brochure into business. Try using dynamic designs and colours to make coupons stand out to readers. If you want to attract clients to a physical place of business, try outlining your coupons with perforated paper.
Choose your fold
Don’t underestimate the number of fold types that are available. The classic half-fold and tri-fold designs are still great, but your brochure might benefit from a more innovative style. These provide something a little out of the ordinary and can help to communicate your message. For example, a four-panel accordion fold is a great option for conveying higher densities of information.
Go minimal
Even while making full use of colour and design options, you should try to retain a minimal style for the design of your brochure. You want people to be intrigued enough to pick it up and get more information about your company, not put off by various graphics and too much information crowded together.
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