When you’re launching a brand new small business, you’re working on a very tight budget. Most small businesses make a loss in the early years, and it’s estimated that only 60% of new businesses survive past their 2nd anniversary. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. The right decisions early on can set you on the path to success, and it’s important to evaluate the risks whilst holding out hope for the future.

Still, when money is tight it’s tempting to cut some corners. Could you design your own business logo, rather than going to a professional?

Here are three reasons why designing your own might not be such a smart and budget-friendly idea:

– A professional logo is more than just a coloured picture

Professional logo designers aren’t just creating an image. They’re designing a logo using their knowledge of the impact of each colour, and how all those colours work together. The same applies to each and every font. A logo is a visual message, not just a pretty decoration for business cards. Logo designers know how to get that message across, in the best possible way. Take your leaflet printing, for example, Its important to ensure you use high quality logos as you want to ensure you are recognised.

– Professional designers provide the right files

Most people, when designing their own logo, don’t know enough about software and file types. In the end, they produce a logo that can’t be scaled up for posters, leaflets, banners and other types of business merchandise. The image becomes distorted or blurry and simply won’t work for most printing projects.

Professional logo designers use the right design software, creating images that can be scaled up and down to look great on your website and your car. If you try to design your own, you may have to invest in another logo at a later date once your business has grown and you want better marketing materials.

– Professional logos really look more professional

Whilst a hand-drawn attempt at a logo can be charming for a very small business, it won’t be long before you want to seem a bit more professional.

As your business grows, it needs to look more serious. Otherwise, potential customers will believe that it’s just a small home-based operation. If you want to be taken seriously by bigger clients, retail outlets or online shoppers from further afield, then you need a logo that shows that you’re serious about what you do.

Your logo is your startup’s most essential piece of branding. If you get it right the first time, it’ll be a part of your business for many years. If you make your own, chances are there’ll be an awkward re-branding exercise to come in a year or two. To find out more about logo design, contact PrintUK.com today.