With Christmas almost upon us and the New Year following in its wake, all SMEs will be thinking of how to grow further in 2020. The dawning of another year is the ideal time to think about how you can attract more customers and expand your existing brand image. One of the most affordable and effective ways to go about this is via printed marketing materials. While online marketing steals the headlines somewhat still, printed marketing has its place and can often help you connect with the public more effectively.

But which are the best types to use for a marketing push in 2020?


One of the perennial favourites in terms of offline marketing is flyers. Not only are they cheap to have printed and easy to hand out but they can also have any design you like on them. This makes them ideal for showcasing your brand image and helping consumers to see more about your whole ethos. Flyer printing also helps you to forge personal connections with the people you hand them out too. This is then more likely to see them actually spend money with you.


Poster printing is another great idea to take on-board when planning out marketing campaigns for 2020. Posters are great for grabbing the attention of large numbers of people over an unlimited period of time. As long as the poster is up, your business is being marketed to anyone who passes by it! Like flyers, they are affordable to have printed and can really help put your brand in front of people to catch their eye. If you select the right colours, strapline and fonts to use, a good poster can help bring more business your way.

Business cards

When it comes to boosting your business in 2020, you may also be looking to strike partnerships or forge connections with other companies. This will usually involve networking at events which you attend in person. To get the most from these, business cards are a must. These handy cards mean you can always pass your details on to anyone who asks without having to scrabble around for a pen or paper. This not only looks more professional but also means your card is on hand in the future to remind them of your services.

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