It’s time to start thinking about the ‘C’ word. Yes, it’s almost Christmas!
Printed Christmas Cards or not?
Christmas can be tricky to play in the corporate world especially in London with a sea of businesses competing with one another – nothing says impersonal like a mass sent email from a large company. It’s hard to feel they’ve really got into the spirit of Christmas, particularly when the email has a prominent link to their latest product or special offer, and in all likelihood won’t even be opened, as everyone’s email inboxes are already overflowing with emails from companies looking to capitalise on the last minute Christmas rush. It can be a tricky one to navigate with traditional Christmas card printing too, a bland scene with a scanned in signature from the managing director isn’t really festive perfection, and it can seem like an added hassle when it’s already such a busy time of year.
Personal and Printed Christmas Cards
High quality printing makes an actual Christmas card a lovely thing to receive, and it’s particularly important for SMEs (Small, Medium Sized Enterprises) rather than the huge companies. It’s all about building relationships with key customers, gaining that personal touch and it’s a great way to engage and show that you value their custom. For those in doubt, checkout this article for a little festive inspiration: 33 Best Christmas Greeting Card Designs for your inspiration
When you do decide to send printed Christmas cards, make sure they’re worth the effort and invest in the graphic design. While you don’t want them to be a blatant advert for your company – nobody is going to put that on their mantelpiece, even if your logo does have some holly on – you do want something that is going to stand out a little. Remember the design doesn’t even have to revolve around your business branding as it is suppose to be put up in the family home and be personal and festive.
Envelope printing
With cheap printing you can add in your envelope printing too, so you’ll have one less job to get stuck in to during the festive period! Your logo on the back of a printed envelope is a nice little teaser as to what’s inside; you can find more discussion about printed envelopes in one of our previous blog posts: Printed Envelopes Give Your Business Advertising the Edge!
Although a Christmas card is nice to receive at Christmas, it’s actually in the New Year that it will do its work for you. As decorations are taken down and cards are collected for recycling, your customers will be reminded of the efforts you went to to wish them a merry Christmas!