It’s easy to forget with the world growing increasingly dependent on the digital that there are still highly effective offline marketing tools that businesses can deploy, and the results might surprise you.
With everyone’s head buried in a screen of some description, it’s easy to imagine the only way to reach them is through digital marketing. This, however, is far from the case; offline marketing remains a very reliable, and in some cases more efficient, method of reaching out to new customers.
Keeping it old school
There’s a glut of digital marketing being pushed in our direction every single day, whether it be through banner ads on websites, pesky pop-ups, or irritating emails. This has led to a degree of pushback from customers, many of whom are now at the point of simply not noticing them anymore.
There is something delightfully tactile about being handed a nicely printed brochure, folded leaflet, or business card. It shows the person that you’ve taken some time and put some thought into how you would like to present your business, rather than just shelving it off to a digital marketing agency.
It’s an excellent way to make a lasting impression, however, it’s essential that some core rules are followed in order to make sure your marketing materials elicit the right reaction. Be wary of your choices of font, artwork, and colour scheme. Ensure your services / products are clear and any potential offer or discount is made as the focus of your brochure printing and design efforts.
A fantastic article from Razorpay highlights more information on the 10 rules for offline marketing here:
10 easy ways that startups can nail offline marketing
A manageable investment
Digital marketing campaigns can often suffer from great expense, meaning if you’re a small business you can feel a bit like you don’t know where to begin. Offline marketing materials, however, are a distinctly affordable investment for smaller businesses, which offers reliable returns. A perfect example of this is direct mail campaigns and brochure printing to encourage the growth of local business.
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