Advertising with posters has long been successful. From the hand-drawn designs of the past to the high-quality poster printing of the ‘now’, posters of all shapes and sizes remain a marketing favourite for many businesses, big and small. Whether you’re looking to advertise a new start-up business, a brand new product or an event, then posters are a must for you. Before you get started, here are the 3 Ps of perfect poster printing.
1. Purpose
First things first, you need to decide the main purpose of your poster. It could be raising brand awareness, advertising a compelling offer or promoting the launch of an exciting new product. Either way, defining your purpose will enable you to choose the perfect poster design and layout. Consider your use of colours, fonts and images, to ensure your advertising is truly eye-catching and effective. Don’t forget to include a strong call to action, so that you can track the success of your poster, and connect with those all-important customers.
2. People
Your target audience also needs to be considered before the design process can begin. Different people react to different styles, so it’s essential that you know exactly who’s attention you’re trying to grab. Bright, bold, colourful designs may work better for children, whilst clear imagery and an easy-to-read font may be more effective for serious professionals.
3. Printing
Perhaps the most obvious one of all, but one that requires just as much thought and effort as the poster design itself. You’ll need to consider what size your poster needs to be as well as which material works best. All poster printing needs to be of a high standard and quality, particularly larger posters that will need a high resolution for that perfect finish.
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