Social media started as a way to connect with friends, but has grown into a platform that offers fantastic marketing opportunities. Most businesses can make use of social media, as a way to communicate to customers and potential buyers, to advertise services, and to sell products. As such, putting your social media link on your business card could well be as effective as having your website or phone number. Here are four reasons why.

Instant communication

Nowadays, many people find it quicker and more convenient to communicate via instant message. Rather than spend time on the phone, or sending lengthy emails, instant messaging is great for fast responses and easy conversation. Through your social media, you may find more people reach out to you, and it makes it easy for you to reply with all the information they require, in a timely manner. By placing your social media icons across your printed material as well as business card printing you are able to keep your branding consistent.

Expanding your network

It’s called social networking for a reason! Finding new contacts isn’t easy, especially in current times when large events aren’t going ahead. Through social media, you can expand your network by reaching out to prospective buyers without having to leave your house. Get your message out there, and encourage likes, follows and engagement.

Encourage feedback and reviews

It can be difficult encouraging customers to leave feedback and reviews. You could send a feedback form in the post, put out an online survey, or request reviews via email. But you might find people simply aren’t responding. With the amount of time people spend on social media, and the ease of leaving a quick review or recommendation, seeking feedback this way can lead to much better results.

Gain repeat customers

Perhaps the best thing about social media is that it allows you to target your customer base time and time again. You can post regularly, with new offers, services and advice. As such, you remain in the brains of your customers, which makes them more likely to purchase from you again in the future.

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