There is a lot to consider when marketing your business, especially in print. Everything from colours, images and finishes matter. Another thing to consider is fonts, which is why we are sharing four font facts for fantastic marketing.

Fonts can represent your brand

Fonts are just a way to display writing, right? Wrong! Fonts not only get your message out there, but they can also represent your brand. Different fonts work for different industries and their audiences. Big bold letters, for example, might not be the best choice for a boutique nail parlour. You are more likely to connect with your customers if you opt for pretty cursive fonts. Likewise, a delicate italic font would not work as well for an IT company as clear, uncomplicated lettering.

Font size matters

Print marketing is super effective. Be it posters, flyers or banners, these products get your name noticed, draw attention to your business, and reel in new customers. But if your writing is too small, forget it! Font size matters on all levels. Titles and headlines should be large and easy to see from a distance, while finer details should be smaller to allow space for images and other features.

Fonts create recognition

Brand recognition is something all business should aim for. When somebody recognises your fonts, logos and colour schemes it builds trust and encourages repeat custom. Consider companies such as Coca Cola, Cadbury, Disney and McDonald’s. If you change your fonts regularly, you lose that consistency of branding, whereas being consistent is a subtle way to ensure customers recognise your products and promotions. You want to ensure all your marketing products are consistent with your brand as well such as your flyer printing and brochure printing.

Font colour decisions are vital

Colour in marketing extends to more than just fonts, and yet it is vital you choose your colours carefully. Light shades on a light background will mean your writing gets lost, and can even be completely illegible. In contrast, you can really make a statement by ensuring your words stand out by using vibrant colours on darker backgrounds.

If you are looking for high-quality printing for your business, contact today. Our online design templates allow you to experiment with fonts to ensure your marketing products are perfect.