The compliment slip is a familiar addition to invoices, letters or other communications sent by businesses to customers, but it is more than just a polite tradition. Compliment slips help to add a personal touch to a mailing that otherwise might appear overly formal or anonymous and are also a useful way of communicating your company’s contact information so that the client has a reference point for the future. With the cheap compliment slip printing offered by, this is an affordable way to get your brand noticed.
As a business owner you’ll be aware of the importance of building a positive relationship with your customers that enables them to feel valued and respected. Compliment slips, although a simple and economical addition to your business stationery and mailings, are a highly effective way to reaffirm your commitment to creating and maintaining a relationship with your clients. By adding a personal touch, which is sure to be noted by your customers, you can help to encourage loyalty to your brand which is vital for securing repeat orders.
Compliment slips are especially useful when enclosed with an impersonal mailing, such as a brochure, to demonstrate to each customer that they are valued as an individual, even though they are one of many in receipt of the same document. Need convincing? Checkout one our previous blog posts, which highlights the effectiveness of personalisation in print and how it is now essential in making your business and brand stand-out from the crowd. : ( )
Discounts can also be offered to clients who produce the compliment slip when placing their next order, or who quote a given code printed on the stationery; this is a great way to encourage your customers to retain the mailings and increases the likelihood of securing future orders.
When it comes to designing high quality compliment slips online, is your first choice to help you to strengthen your customer base. When designing your stationery, keep it simple with a recognisable logo and a clear font which matches your business brand. Include your key contact information so your customers know how to get in touch and allow plenty of space to write a personal message to your clients to reaffirm that your business is not simply motivated by earning profit, but by the chance to help everyday people in an aspect of their lives.