When you’re looking to boost your small business or start-up’s revenues through marketing, it can be easy to rush to email or social media marketing while ignoring the continued relevance and effectiveness of print. Even when many firms do realise the importance of printed materials to spreading awareness of their firm, they may limit their efforts to one or two posters or leaflets.
It’s not a great surprise, then, that something as ambitious and substantial as booklet printing really can go unappreciated. It doesn’t help that a lot of small firms fail to create impactful booklets, simply using all of that ‘real estate’ to list product and service features as if they were marketing to themselves. The truth is that when you have ‘average’ customers to attract the attentions of, you need to think more from their perspective.
Whether you order an eight-page booklet or a 48-page one, as is possible through PrintUK.com, good tried and tested tips include placing your logo and contact details in the header and footer of its pages, in addition to designing an eye-catching cover that benefits your desired brand image. But you should also consider what else your customer really wants to know about that will make them forget they’re even reading promotional material.
Much as effective online content marketing involves imparting genuinely useful information or guidance that has seemingly little directly to do with your company, so much the same trick can be pulled with your booklet printing. If you’re marketing hairstyle products, for instance, your brochure may include advice on how customers can achieve the same ‘look’ as popular celebrities – alongside examples of your products that make this possible.
Alternatively, you may be a vehicle mechanic and therefore give your customers common sense car maintenance advice in your booklet, or your company may be oriented towards self-improvement and publish a brochure with helpful guidance related to goal setting, tracking and achievement. As you provide all of this information, remember to also include relevant money-off and limited-time-only coupons with appropriate calls to action.
Booklet printing is far from irrelevant to the current world of digital marketing, and can play a major role in supporting your business growth. Order your next brochures from PrintUK.com for the highest quality and most affordably priced printed materials.