Now may be an age in which one can conveniently create leaflets online through a website like, but you might ask the question: why bother with print marketing at all? Why not entirely confine your marketing to digital?
Alas, those thinking this way are already some 10 years behind the times. That was when, with newspapers being widely shut down and magazines substantially cutting their staff, we seemed firmly headed to a future of paperless marketing. In recent years, however, it seems that printing has experienced something of a resurgence. For those who have always defended print, it was obvious that things would be this way.
It parallels what has happened with vinyl records lately: for all of the immediacy and convenience of digital music downloads, people just love the tactile quality of vinyl. There’s nothing quite like removing a vinyl record from the sleeve, marvelling at the larger size album art and placing the record on a turntable, before getting lost in the higher sound quality offered by this medium.
There’s a sense of occasion to handling a vinyl record, and it’s that experience that you should be partly aspiring to with your printed materials. However, far from being a merely intriguing or specialised “alternative” to your digital marketing, there’s no reason why print can’t go hand in hand with your digital communications, as part of the complete multichannel campaign.
In truth, print isn’t being revived, so much as reinvented and made absolutely relevant once more in a digital world. You could create leaflets online that specifically drive customers to your digital presence, with details of your website URL, Facebook page and other social media information. QR codes have become particularly widespread in recent years, creating a direct link between your printed and digital promotions via a customer’s smartphone or tablet.
Print media – whether in the form of leaflets, posters, brochures or something entirely different – certainly remains entirely relevant in theory, being more difficult to ignore and more physically engaging that an email or social media post, and statistics back this up. Research has suggested that while users tend to merely ‘scan’ web pages or emails, magazine readers see 90% of all of an issue’s pages, and tend to pick up a copy of a magazine several times a day on several days.
These are all factors that make it a good idea to create leaflets online to incorporate into a comprehensive multichannel marketing campaign – and can help you to make it all possible.