So picture this: you’ve designed the perfect logo. You’re ready to plaster it all over leaflets, business cards and brochures, presenting your brand to the world. But before you start all that leaflet printing, have you considered how the colours you’re using in your logo may impact the way people perceive your brand?

The theory

It is scientifically proven that colours can change our mood, as well as change our perception of a certain object or brand. Think of how you yourself might equate certain colours to certain emotions. Red might represent anger, or passion, or love in your mind, whereas grey might represent sadness or monotony or boredom. Now imagine someone looking at your shiny new logo and likening their emotions to the colours used. Take brochure printing for example, showcasing your logo on a high quality printed brochure will capture your audiences attention.

Picking a colour

Now we’re not saying you should plaster your logo in red because that means people will instantly love it – the use of colour is a little more nuanced than that – but thinking about how the colours you use could represent your brand could be crucial in creating the most effective logo possible.

Green can connote serenity and health, which might explain why many pharmacies use the colour in their branding, whereas red can suggest danger or alarm, which is why it is so successfully used for emergency services.

So with that in mind, what would you like your brand to represent? A sleek logo full of black and grey tones might suggest that your company is more corporate and professional, whereas adding in yellow tones might make customers see it as more warm and personable.

There are also some colours that can encourage certain behaviours! Red is known to make people feel hungrier, whereas a soft blue is supposed to make someone feel calmer.

Which means…

Choosing the right colours is an integral part of branding as they will be incorporated into every design template and email signature from here on out and can completely change the way a person views and feels about your company, so it’s worthwhile to get it right the first time.

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