Many businesses and entrepreneurs, when starting out, will not prioritise a business card as a marketing tool. Business cards can be seen as fairly passive marketing, and people may feel shy about handing them out at first, feeling that the right people may overlook them and that printing them is just a waste of time and money. However, a business card is not only a very powerful marketing tool, but can actually help your business to move forward and meet the eyes of the right people at the right time.
Here are some advantages of the reasoning for business card printing and why you should get some printed as soon as possible.
Making your business credible
Smaller companies and entrepreneurs need to work hard to ensure that their business is taken seriously from the very start, or they may find themselves overlooked in favour of companies who appear to have more credibility. A business card shows the company to have more solid roots than an email address or phone number hastily written down. It makes the company seem more reliable and honest, and provides something for the receiver to reference at a later date. Have a browse through our Business Card Templates for a cheap professionally created layout and design.
Making networking more convenient
When you are networking, you can always attempt to take down people’s contact details, hand out phone numbers or email addresses and so on, but if you are at a larger networking event you simply will not have the time to influence all of the people that you want to. Read this fantastic article here by lifehacker : Why Business Cards still matter and how to effectively use yours. In order to make sure that your name really gets out there at a larger event, a business card is something which can be neatly slipped into a person’s hand with a friendly greeting and short conversation, without having to take up too much of someone’s time.
Advertising your business
Even before a potential customer has looked at your website or found out more about your business, a business card can start selling you right away. An attractive and well made business card instantly draws the eye and can be very impactful, checkout our previous blog post to make yours more effective: Tricks to make your business cards stand out, and remember you could easily have a little information about the business, some products or even offers and discounts for people to take advantage of.