High quality printing can help businesses achieve so much more than just good-looking leaflets and business cards.
With the right approach to leaflet printing and other marketing material, printing services can galvanise a brand identity and help inspire consumer confidence.
Here, we’ve listed three ways in which high quality printing can transform your business:
1. People are more likely to recognise your business
If you’re competing with a range of other local businesses, it’s often the small margins that help you attain bigger growth.
So with research by consumer group KISSmetrics underlining how colour boosts brand recognition by over 75 per cent, striking design can help give you an advantage over your rivals.
Leaflet and brochure printing isn’t about adding every colour of the rainbow to your marketing material. But with colour proving to have such a vast impact on consumers, it’s important you make the step away from aged, monochrome printing.
2. Colour can help you reach out to your target audience
Whether you’re a local greengrocer or a SME targeting B2B prospects, certain colours have been proved to resonate with different audiences.
As you can see here (http://www.helpscout.net/blog/psychology-of-color/), where as blue exudes trust, yellow and orange reaches out to buyers with optimism and warmth.
With studies finding that up to 90 per cent of snap judgements made about products are based on colour alone, brochure printing counts for a lot more than just pretty design.
3. Colour can help you create more targeted marketing campaigns
One of the keys to successful marketing in today’s world is through personalising your content. Whether you wish to use leaflets, brochures or flyers, colour can also help make certain marketing messages stand out better.
For example, if you’re looking to appeal to shoppers on a budget, teal and navy blue can help add a better sense of legitimacy to your campaign. Likewise, if you’re trying to underline a clearance sale or a new promotion, reds, oranges and blacks can help appeal specifically to impulse buyers. Click here to discover more about how colour can stand out to certain consumers. (https://blog.kissmetrics.com/color-psychology/)
With colour printing now more affordable than ever, businesses of all shapes and sizes can produce marketing material that captures the imagination of their audiences.
So before planning your next marketing campaign, make sure that colour selection and printing amounts to a lot more than an afterthought!
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