With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are your thoughts turning to ways of sharing your love?
If you’re thinking of exchanging cards, perhaps a personalised poem or maybe a romantic letter that communicates your deepest feelings, you’ve obviously realised just what a powerful medium printing can be. Luckily, using printed materials to impress, entertain and excite works as well in business as it does during dating, so take a look below at how high quality printing can spread your message wonderfully well.
Permanency pays
Although online communication can be convenient, quick and effective, high calibre business cards, carefully created flyers or a letter on suitably embellished stationery all offer an enduring reminder to your customers of what you are about. Remember that there are still large numbers of consumers who are not keen on online transactions, as well as those that value hard copy, so a well-chosen stock of leaflets can greatly increase your sales base.
Local targeting
One of the emerging marketing trends for 2015 is the use of geographically targeted media in order to connect local people with an accessible service. Targeted leafleting and a strong presence at nearby trade events or business premises in an urban setting all have the potential to yield an excellent return on marketing outlay, provided appropriate attention has been given to relevant content and graphic design. Make use of cheap printing options to maximise profits!
Join the dots
Consistent branding is a hallmark of effective marketing, so it makes sense to use a common type face, logo and format for both virtual and real life media. Locate a premium print provider that has the capacity to take your existing content and transform it into something that is visually engaging and appealing to your target audience, whilst still retaining the key characteristics that your customers know and crave.
Treating your customers as you would your special friends is always a great way to do business, so why not make 2015 the year your business spreads its love by investing in some top quality printed media, and give your marketing success a spectacular boost?