We pride ourselves on delivering all aspects of high quality printing and design services, from the conception of creative ideas to the efficient print production of various jobs. One area that we are often asked to advise on is letterhead design and printing, so in this blog post, we will touch on four things to remember when considering a letterhead for your company documentation.
1. Simple is effective
The basic function of your corporate letterhead is to support and supplement what is underneath it with your business branding and professionalism being prominent throughout. For this reason, it should not aim to steal the show. In order to achieve this your letterhead design should be easy to read for your customers, with a clear, simple layout. Remember simple is always best. A typical design will feature the business logo and company name at the top or top left corner of the page. Contact details are located in the top right corner or at the bottom of the page, remember to leave plenty of space for letter content. Add a splash of colour that exudes your corporate branding and make sure that you provide any necessary additional information for the reader i.e. social media handles etc… If you’re struggling for creative ideas and graphic design checkout our letterhead templates for some inspiration. Also have a read through these: “16 beautiful examples of letterheads“, picked out by Creative Bloq for some food for thought.
2. Be careful with your brand
If you are having a letterhead designed, it is likely that you will want your brand to be represented as accurately as possible. Aim to replicate the same logo colours and dimensions that can be seen on your other marketing materials for the sake of consistency. We can help you get the print production exactly right, making sure your letterhead embodies your brand and ensures uniformity across your different marketing mediums.
3. Information is key
You should think about what information will be on the letterhead and who are they generally used by. This will help you decide which information to include, and which to leave out. For example, if a letterhead will be used by the Chief Financial Officer of a company, is there really any need to include the general reception number for the building, or will a departmental number suffice? You can also create different letterhead designs for different parts of the company or the varying products/services that you offer, this will distinguish yourself and personalise the experience for the customer whilst being a great brand awareness technique.
4. The power of colour
Colour can give us some brilliant design options, and really turn your letterhead into an attractive and enhancing business stationery tool. Used incorrectly, however, and it make a mess of what was once a simple page, becoming an ugly blot on your documents rather than complementing them. For this reason, it is always recommended you run your design ideas past experts that will be able to give you a professional opinion. Checkout one of our previous articles for a little bit of help with colour: The Power and Effect Of Colour! .
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