We see posters all the time. They are a timeless marketing method that is known to grab attention and display information. But to ensure you are getting a return on investment from your print marketing, there are some essential tactics to apply. Take a look at the advice below before designing your poster.

Offers, sales pitches, or discounts? Put them at the top!

It is tempting to set your headline as something simple, such as the business name. Prospective buyers will not likely have heard of you yet, and unless your brand is so big that name alone captures attention, you need to be more creative. Your headline should be your offer/discount if that is what you are promoting.

Alternatively, it needs to be your sales pitch, your unique selling point, the reason your customers NEED what you have to offer. It is the only true way to stand out amongst the sea of other companies’ marketing.

Strong deadline and enticing calls to action

It is all very well promoting an offer or sticking your contact number on a poster, but you need to encourage potential customers to act. If they think they have all the time in the world, they may have forgotten you before making a purchase. Why not include a strict deadline to create a sense of urgency if you are promoting an offer or discount?

Likewise, if you are encouraging people to call or visit your website, there needs to be an enticing reason, such as a free gift/trial of a service.

Consider your copy

When writing about your product, service or company, consider your wording. Be sure to make use of the word ‘you’ more frequently than ‘I’ or ‘we.’ It is far more enticing for the customer to feel the poster is all about them, rather than all about your business. ‘We can offer an amazing service’ is nowhere near as powerful as ‘You will benefit from this amazing service.’

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