All marketing campaigns need to consider a layered approach to ensure the message is heard by a potential audience. Digital activity, of course, plays a key role in promoting a product or service, but print is still at the heart of any successful sales and marketing campaign. We take a look at three essential pieces of print that can transform reach and sales.

Posters and roller banners

It’s always said that audiences need to see and hear a message at least three times for it to sink into their consciousness, and a bold poster or roller banner helps you do just that. A well-placed poster can have a real impact (think the back of a toilet door with a captive audience!). We specialise in high-quality poster printing in a huge range of sizes to help your product get seen far and wide.

Roller banners also really help you stand out from the crowd while also being extremely lightweight and easy to transport to events like trade shows or to send to clients to display on your behalf.


A well-designed leaflet can really help get your message out there and can be placed in a multitude of locations via tourist information displays or at crossover events. Leaflet printing is a great way to engage with a large volume of people in a cost effective manner.

Direct mail

A piece of direct mail is just a leaflet, right? Wrong! Direct mail is one of the most powerful printed marketing tools out there. To start, you can make the graphic design and the messaging completely bespoke for this part of a marketing campaign. By doing this, you can also make your direct mail trackable by adding a special voucher code to track the success of the direct mail. You can also dig into your customer data to carefully select who you want to target, whether that be by location, if they have made a purchase before and much more, to ensure this bespoke messaging hits the right audience.

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