Ours may be an era in which you can easily create business cards online with a service like PrintUK.com, selecting from various editable card design templates or simply uploading your own artwork, but why do you need a business card at all in the year 2014? Doesn’t everything these days just happen on the Internet through emails, social media contact and so on?
It’s true that much business contact that once purely took place in the ‘real world’ is now virtual. However, in many ways, this simply makes a business card more, rather than less important. When you are attempting to get in touch with a particularly time-pressed professional, an email can be easily forgotten about and left to languish in a long list of other ‘unread’ messages.
When you meet such an individual at a networking event, however, a business card gives them something tangible that they are much less likely to just forget or get rid of. This is especially true of a well-designed business card that quickly gives them the relevant information that they need from you. An attractive card says all of the right things about your brand, and will be one of the first things that the person reaches for when they next require your product or service – after all, they were given it by you in person!
Remember that continuing to use a physical business card doesn’t mean that you simply drop your digital campaigns – indeed, it’s all the more vital in the year 2014 to ensure that both are in operation and go hand in hand, with your Twitter handle, Facebook page URL and/or Skype name being included on your business card if applicable. That is, of course, alongside the more traditional business card details like your name, company name and phone number.
Business cards remain extremely relevant and powerful marketing and networking tools into the 21st century for so many reasons. Even a very small business is made to look more legitimate by a business card, which also allows you to share those all-important details irrespective of whether your acquaintance has a digital device or not – believe it or not, many people still like to do their networking face-to-face and will only resort to email or social networking if they have no other choice.
So, there you have it – the complete case for continuing to create business cards online with a firm like PrintUK.com, for use offline. Why not take advantage of our competitive prices to order a fresh batch of your own stunning-looking business cards?